Monday, April 7, 2008

Taryn Time!

Here are five sweet pictures of my little girl!
Sleeping Peacefully! She was 2 months old!
2 1/2 months. With her big eyes wide open! And I just love her pouty little lips!
Peacefully sleeping naked in her bath towel!
I just know she is thinking, "I'm just like the big kids, slurping my own Capri Sun out of a straw!
"That's right! Show me the Love!"
"Oh my goodness, can you get her to stop, or what?"

This little sweetheart is so full of spunk and fun! She never stops moving, and I mean NEVER! Even those who love her and bribe her into letting them hold her, will eventually give up and put her back on the floor. She is so squirmy it makes her difficult to hold on too. At church, or any other time/place when you just need her to freeze for a second all you have to do is hang her upside down or let her hang her head off your lap. She loves it and will generally look around for ten minutes, or until her face is so red that I feel like I'm torturing her. (You should see some of the looks I get walking the halls with an upside down baby!)
Taryn doesn't cry much at all. Only when she is hurt or really tired. However, she is really great at letting you know what she wants, by yelling! She will just sit in her high chair and holler when she runs out of food, until you get her more! She hollers about most everything, happy, sad, mad and frustrated! She is loud too! She loves to hear herself talk, LOUDLY! It is pretty cute. She is a crack up to watch and listen to when you sit her in front of a mirror!
She is a picky eater! (Not in the same way her daddy is though.) She has never given any baby cereal (i.e. rice, oatmeal, barley) the time of day, and will actually seal her lips together should you attempt to feed them to her. She will gladly eat cooked original oatmeal with the rest of the clan! She loves balsamic vinagriette covered noodles (from my pasta salad), this one surprised us! She likes her food to be seasoned and warm. One fun food story--she would not eat her sweet potato chunks and was yelling at me! I warmed, buttered, salted and peppered them and the whole 1/2 cup was gone in under 3 minutes!

She is such a happy baby! We think she may skip quickly over crawling in favor of walking. She has only been crawling distances for a week or two, and she has been pulling up on things for the past few days and is starting to cruise along them! Look out world! Here comes Taryn!


Farnsworth Family said...

What a cutie! I love the new pics on the side too.

bakerbabbler said...

She is too dang cute! I didn't know about the upside-down thing--another sign that we live TOO far away! Can't wait for her to flash her cute dimples at me in a few months!

The Morris Fam said...
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The Morris Fam said...

I love the pictures! I hadn't seen her since she was tiny. So cute. Horray for the side bar pics too!

Darrell and Alissa said...

What a cute little girl! I love the bay stages- they are so quick, but so special! I love her little puty lips too!

Karalee said...

Taryn is too cute for words. And has more personality then almost anyone else I know! Love you.

Charise said...

She is such a cutie! :)

The Morris Fam said...

We want to come play on Friday! You say the time and we'll be there.

Half A Dozen said...

She is adorable! Brigham was the same way- he absolutely refused baby food at 6 months. I tried and tried to give it to him, he wanted what we were eating! He is my best eater out of the four kids- loves to eat salad and broccoli.

You have such a cute family.