Monday, June 16, 2008

Memorial Day Weekend!

So the original plan was to go camping all weekend.  Byron and Steve had been looking forward to it for weeks.  Weather sure can change our plans.  It has been unseasonably cool in Las Vegas this year.  Nothing that we will complain about, except for Memorial Day Weekend!  It got down to the mid 70's here in the valley.  That meant that Mt. Charleston was low to mid 50's during the day and mid 20's at night!  We just didn't think it would be such a good idea to take a 10 month old and have her sleep in such cold weather.  So the compromise was that we would go up to Mt. Charleston on Memorial Day itself for a campfire picnic!  When we got to our spot Byron asked, "uh, mom, where is the tent?  Where am I supposed to sleep?"  He really, really wanted to stay and camp!  Luckily we will be camping in a couple of weekends to make up for it!  We were all a little bummed that we didn't get a mountain weekend.  We sure had a lot of fun for our one day though!
Byron & Steve cooking the grub!  Byron even helped flip a burger and it didn't even fall in the fire!  Anything dad can do, I can do too!

"What?  Do I have ketchup on my face?  Why are we eating outside?"  Taryn was super fun!  She wanted to check it all out, but she wasn't sure she should crawl around in the dirt!

Here is a fun action shot of Byron hitting the baseball around with dad after a tasty meal!

Taryn and I kept each other warm, and Byron wanted in on the action!

"Oh my gosh, dad!  I have to tell you a secret!"  Okay, really she was doing the "Wah-wah-wah" sound by hitting her mouth!  Daddy sure thinks her trick is neat!

Like father, like son!  Can't have a fire without roasting some tasty mallows for a 'smore!

Sorry, I couldn't resist this tasty picture of my hot hubby!

Yes, we were there together!  Amazing isn't it?  We propped the camera on the back of the truck for this shot to prove it!

Taryn touching snow for, well I guess it was the second time.  She did get to see and feel snow in South Jordan, UT in March!  She was a little more into it this time!

Byron thought there was going to be snow everywhere when we got up to "the mountain".  We had been telling him how cold, rainy and possibly snowy it was all weekend, every single time he asked, "when are we going to go camping?"  Or, "is it time to go camping to the mountain yet?"  So he was a little disappointed that there wasn't snow at our "camping place".  We drove up to the Lee Canyon Ski Resort (resort is an awfully big word for that little place!)  We found one of the last mounds of snow that was close enough to hike to and played on it for awhile.  That seemed to satisfy!  Byron had a blast, he was the king of the snow hill, made a few snow balls, and found a snow slide!

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Farnsworth Family said...

The weather has been crazy, but it looks like the hot stuff is here to stay for awhile. Looks like you all had a fantastic time, we are so lucky to have Mt. Charleston and Lake Mead so close. We will have to go camping some time...we've been saying that forever, but let's get it planned! We haven't taken the girls yet and really want to.