Thursday, June 4, 2009

Peace & Quiet

Sitting on my bed I just finished breast feeding Josie when I hear a banging. It sounds like it is coming from Byron's bedroom. There is a war going on in there you know. He can't pick up all his toys yet because he doesn't know who is going to win. I holler, "Byron stop banging or you are going to wake up Taryn."

"Mom, I am just playing in my room. 
I am peace and quiet!
That was his response from his room. 

I got a big kick out of that! I then realized that Taryn was awake and making all the noise in her room!

Byron and Josie! He is a great big brother!

I also have enjoyed some much needed peace and quiet this week with my little newborn. Breast feeding hasn't been easy for us. After two desperate nights in a row I called Tami, a lactation consultant, to come over for a visit. I got an education on Josie and her early arrival. She is considered premature because she is earlier than 37 weeks. 

--Funny story here. I was a little surprised she was considered premature. When Tami told me that I said, "Really?" 
Tami responded with, "have you seen the hair on this child? You could brush her!" 
Now while you may think that sounds a bit rude, I tell you it is funny and true! She has the hairiest back my midwife has ever seen. That is saying something for delivering around 800 babies! (I think that number is right!) Not only does she have a hairy back, but her arms and thighs are hairy too. She even has a hairy chest and tummy but it is really blond. She was also born with a lot of vernix on her face and head, and she didn't have any foot prints. Babies get their foot prints in the last 3 weeks in utero!--

Here is an up close picture of the hairiness! Check out her arms. The pictures of the hair on her back don't turn out this well, but you can picture this all over her back too! Too cute! It freaks Steve out, he's afraid she got it from him! 

Premature babies are very sleepy babies and don't always register their hungry tummies and wake up to eat when they should. So then they are ravenous when they do wake up--not good for mom's equipment!
We are also having a little mouth vs. large equipment issue--also painful!
Premature babies have a more difficult time learning how to latch on to the breast.

Josie is pretty much always dressed like this these days. I just uncover her when she is sleeping and she wakes up enough when she cools off to realize that she is hungry. I love looking at all of her!

I promise I am going somewhere with all this information! After a visit on Saturday and another from Tami on Monday we are doing much better. Josie is on a feeding schedule. She eats every two hours and can go for three hours 2-3 times in 24 hours. Let me tell you I went from tired to exhausted in the first 24 hours of this schedule. We will keep this up until at least June 10th when she would have been full term.

That is where the peace and quiet comes in. I have been so fortunate to have my blessed mother, Aunt Lara, Karalee, Brittany and my friend Stephanie help out with my children this week so I can get sleep during the day. If I wasn't getting naps during the day our nights would be miserable again! So a big thank you to all of them. This whole experience is helping me to learn how to better take care of myself and ask for help! Asking for help is seriously difficult for me. I'm much better at offering help!

Josie is currently sleeping in my lap! We're due for another feeding, so I'm gonna run! I'll try to post more when I get the chance. Breast feeding, sleeping and eating come first, and in that order!



i said...

like you...i didn't even know she was overdue. i'm glad things are getting sorted out and that you have a peace and quiet in your house! sooo clever. :)

The Ravsten's said...

What an adventure these babies are. I wish they wouldn't get hungry in the night! At least Alex is going 3-4 hours, not 2-3. Anyway, I hope you keep getting wonderful help and that you get enough rest. She's beautiful! Enjoy every moment. Love ya!

Kristin said...

Shayla was hairy, too. Maybe Steve will feel better if you let him know it will wear off in another month or two. Byron is hilarious. I'm glad you're getting a little of the rest you need and taking care of yourself. Wish I was closer to provide more than telephone support. :) Maybe the reason I've never had breastfeeding issues is because my babies' mouths are always considerably bigger than my equipment. :) A blessing of being small chested, I guess (although I REALLY wish I could find a nursing bra that would fit!)

Darrell and Alissa said...

Baylee is quite hairy as well- her hairline meets up with her eye brows- and I'm praying that hair falls out!! Josie is a doll! We are struggling with big equitment as well- not fun and quite painful!

Farnsworth Family said...

You have been keeping busy! I never realized the 37 weeks thing either. Amazing how much we learn each time! If there is anything I can do, don't hesitate to give me a jingle!

Larae Taylor Merritt said...

Oh, how this post doesn't make me miss nursing!! Although I miss little naked babies! She's adorable! Hope all starts settling down. I always said, "Give me a month." Although with Becca it was more like six!

Tammy Whiting said...

It was so very great to see your lovely family this weekend! Byron, Taryn and Josie are so precious. We love you all so very much. You are an amazing mom.
Trey, Tammy, Trent and Tanner

Kara said...

I can TOTALLY relate! That premature stuff is rough. As much as someone longs to have their baby come early it does make things harder because babies are not quite ready to face the world yet. Eventually it gets easier, and you wonder where did the time go. That is so nice to have so much help. Isn't family the greatest!?! Josie is adorable! Oh and I thought you looked great at church on Sunday:)