Monday, December 14, 2009

My Heroes!

We bid a sorrowful farewell last night to my dear, sweet brother-in-law Robert Kenneth Ashworth. He returned to his loving Heavenly Father at 9:20 surrounded by his family, Ashley and our family. We sang the hymns, "Be Still My Soul" and "God Be With You"!

Though he is gone, Robdob will forever be one of my greatest heroes. His memory will forever challenge me to strive to live an exemplary life, as he did. He inspired. He fought. He loved. He loved my sister Ashley. I love him, and I am so grateful to know that through their temple marriage he will always be a part of my family! What comfort this brings, to know that I will see him again, because of my dear Savior, Jesus Christ. I celebrate this Christmas season with more gratitude for His atonement, and in particular His resurrection. My life is so much more for having known Robert!

Ashley, my amazing little sister. She is my hero! I know this is so difficult for her, yet her strength is . . . is beyond my ability to describe. She is beautiful and wise beyond her years. She will continue her whole life to set an example for me to follow. She is stretching, and I want to stretch with her. I want to grow with her, to become better with her. I want to scoop her up and put her in my pocket and carry her around for at least the next two years and take care of her. Since I can't I will ask my Savior to do this for her. He already is. She knows Him. She is strength. She loves. She loves Robert eternally. I love her.

Those two know more about true love, and really loving another than most couples learn in 50+ years of marriage. They inspire me to work for a marriage like theirs. I love them both so much.

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Kristin said...

Thank you for more sweet tears. Your sentiment is shared by me and is so eloquent.

Aivaz Family said...


That was a beautiful post. I, too, have been amazed by Ashley and whether she realizes it or not, she has taught me so much about faith and love. I love you guys and am thinking of and praying for you constantly.

Farnsworth Family said...

Very well said! They have truly been examples to so many!

Larae Taylor Merritt said...

My heart prays for Ashley, your family, and his family! Thanks for the sweet words!

i said...

i soooo admire how close your family is. it's amazing. i'm glad ashley has you all...and you all have eac hother. i'm so sorry.

thecustercrew said...

I was so sorry to here about Robert. His story has been an inspiration to me and has taught my family so much about prayer and fasting. Thanks for sharing their story with us. Our prayers are with Ashley and all of you family.