Friday, May 23, 2008

Brandon's Law School Grad Bash!

Here are a few pictures right after Brandon's graduation.  He graduated on May 16th and he had a big, and I do mean BIG party that night.  I haven't gotten any pictures from the party, since I didn't take any!?!  I know, how did that happen.  I'm kind of picture happy.  I'll add pictures of the party when I get them.  The ceremony was pretty typical.  A few speakers, all the students walking.  The sound system wasn't working very well and the speakers all sounded kind of like adults on a Charlie Brown cartoon.  We did hear and understand Brandon's name and all stood up and hollered for him!  Since it was just the law school, it wasn't that long!

Here is a picture of everyone who came to graduation!

Mykii took a couple pictures of our little family, this one was my favorite!

Taryn and my cousin Trevor, she loves him!

Cute little tired Tyler!  I love her!

Taryn and Megan (Trevor's cute wife)!  Since Mykii came and took some pictures for us I didn't end up taking very many myself.  Byron was having cake and running around, so I didn't really getting any pictures of him!

The party was really, really fun!  Brandon had a sushi chef come, I made the best kalua pig ever (really it was amazing!), and he had a chocolate fountain!  I love to eat!  There was also a DJ, and we are pretty sure he showed up just for Byron.  He danced on the grass for nearly the entire four hours of the party!  I think he took a couple of 15 minute eat & drink breaks.  He is hilarious, I feel bad for all who missed his rockin' moves!  It was so fun to visit with everyone, hang out and eat delicious food! 


Farnsworth Family said...

Glad that you are back up and posting, I have missed your updates! Sounds like one super fun party!!!

Charise said...

I wish I could have been there! :) I saw your cute mom today for uncle donald's funeral. She said you both have had quite the week! :)

Kristin said...

How did I miss that post the last 3 weeks? I'm way behind on life in Bloggerland. Oh well. It was fun to catch up a bit right now. It stinks to miss out on all the fun family stuff we miss out on living so far away, but at least I get to read about it and see pictures later! I love that!

Darrell and Alissa said...

How fun! I can't figure out if that's Brittany on the front row or Elissa- I haven't seent hem in forever- can you post any recent pictures of them? I don't think I'd recognize Ashley either! I have a few kids here that call me Alissa Wiser- since there is another Alyssa- takes me back to our young days!