Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Byron's Birthday Bash!

Byron here to tell you all about my amazing birthday!
For starters I was the boss of all the other kids for the whole day! It was after all my birthday, and I let the kids know that is the way it works on your birthday. I was a little embarrassed when my Aunt Lara overheard me filling the kids in! That is confidential 'kid information' after all!
Anyway, I had a DINOSAUR party! 
It was pretty much the coolest party ever! My mom and dad got me a dinosaur bounce house for the whole day (even the day before for Thanksgiving) just for my birthday! When my friends arrived we decorated our treat bags and jumped in the bounce house for a long time! It was pretty rockin'! I took full advantage of the bounce house time to shoot the girls, and then they tickled me!? I thought people usually die when you shoot them. Pretend bullets have a strange effect on 5 year old girls! What is that all about? Sorry, I digress!
Here is a picture of my awesome Triceratops Bounce House!

I totally loved every minute of it!

My mom is a genius! This may just look like a pool full of shredded paper, but it is actually a 'dinosaur dig'! Buried inside was candy, dinosaurs, cars, army men and paratrooper guys! It was so awesome. My mom had to help the little kids.

The big kids were so fast though! We got lots of stuff (and paper) in our bags!

I had a moment when I nearly lost my nugget because Jack got the color of paratrooper I wanted, but I found another one 'with a little help from my friends'! So my nugget stayed in tact, mom said that was a good thing since I was the birthday boy!

Poor, cute, little Taryn! She thought the object of the game was to take the paper out of the pool! She didn't get very much candy, so I shared with her at home!

Present time! I really got into it! My friends rock! I got some awesome gifts! Hotwheels, legos, superhero walkie-talkies! So cool!

Jack and Severin were my faithful gift-unwrapping sidekicks!

My Aunt Brittany and her team of cake decorators made me the most amazing dinosaur cake ever! It had an erupting volcano, flying pterodactyl and everything!

The dinosaur carnage was my favorite part of the cake! T-Rex totally got the brontosaurus! He's dead for sure! I mean, look at the blood! No dinosaur bleeds that much and lives!

Dallin is my hero for coming up with the dinosaur carnage and death!!!

Then I blew out my candles of course, and made a wish! I can't tell you what my wish is, or you'd have to end up like the brontosaurus! Ha ha! I'm just kidding, if I told you my wish it wouldn't come true!!

Jessica, Kaia, Abby and Tyler eating birthday cake! We're missing Evelyn because she took her cake 'to go'!

Maurin and Chloe with their grub!

And me of course with my sidekicks Jack and Severin eating our goods! Don't worry about my boys, I took a turn being the sidekick on Saturday!

I put this picture in because mom said I had to! Ok, and I do think my sister is pretty stinkin' cute! I love to squeeze and tickle her! So here's my shout out to my one true homegirl!

To conclude my picture adventure I though I would throw this one in, so you knew what my dad was doing during my party! That's right, playing Rock Band! He does a pretty good jam on the guitar! Someday I'll be that good! Oh, and mom said he 'supervised' the dinosaur dig! Whatever that means.

And last but not least, here is Taryn, my mom and me! Aren't we cute? Ok, I'm a bit of a cheese. I was just so excited about my fabulous day! Birthday parties are killer sweet dude!


Larae Taylor Merritt said...

What a fun birthday! Cute ideas Janelle!

Kristin said...

The blood and carnage had me LOL. Loved this post--too cute from Byron's perspective. You're awesome at capturing that! We're glad Byron had such an awesome 5th b-day! Wish we could've been there!

Farnsworth Family said...

Byron, it was such a fun party and your Mommy did an amazing job! The girls' favorite part was the "dinosaur dig." Thanks for letting us come!

Lynne said...

I'm so glad that you had such a fun birthday! I wish that we could have been there to celebrate with you! I bet Alison would have liked to help you with the dinosaur dig! I love and miss you!

Love, Aunt Lynne