Monday, December 1, 2008


I love Thanksgiving, it competes closely with Christmas for my favorite holiday! I love the food, the family, visiting and relaxing! We had a great Thanksgiving this year. My Squires Grandparents, and Aunt Marie and her 10 beautiful, fun children joined us. All in all with the missionaries my mom fed 39 people on Thursday. Grandpa Jack told me my mom is "an amazing lady" last night, and I just have to whole heartedly agree! I really enjoyed having so much family around! We hung out the whole weekend, it was great.
Here are some random pictures of all the fun! There are a lot of pictures! Enjoy! They are in no particular order. Oddly enough I don't have any pictures of food! Too bad, as usual it was amazing!

Taryn and Ava checking each other out on Nonni's lap. Ava is my cousin Mandy's little girl. These two aren't always sure what to think of each other. They are pretty funny!

Oh the intensity of Rock Band! We jammed all night! Always entertaining, especially when the little kids get into it!

Cute cousins! Mandy, Brittany, Emma, Eden and Elyssa.

I always love the Thanksgiving 'sleeping' pictures! Isn't he scrumptious when he sleeps? Sounds like I'm talking about about one of my children! Ha ha!

The Ashworth version. Didn't even flinch when I took this!

A raucous game of ping pong! Todd is crazy and competitive!

So is Jarrod, Mandy's husband. 

This one just had to make the cut. 'Nuff said!

Taryn checking out Grandma Jean. Decided she was A-0k, and hung out with her for a bit!

This may be my favorite picture of the day! The smokin' hot ladies in the kitchen making all the goodness happen! I'm just bummed my mom walked out of the shot before I took this!

Funny cousins! Hamming it up for the camera are Clayton and Brittany!

Uncle Mike, Dad and Grandpa Jack. The OG Squires men! Good looking to boot!

Fun in the bounce house! Maurin, Byron and Tyler.

Byron LOVED the bounce house!

Maurin's crazy action shot!

Taryn adopted Liberty for the weekend! She glued herself to Lib as often as possible. Sometimes we had to force Taryn to hang with someone else and give a girl a break! They were too cute!

I am grateful for FAMILY, FUN, AND FOOD!


Kristin said...

Thanks for posting all these pics! I hope there's a "Byron's b-day" post coming so that we can see all the fun we missed out on. :)

Farnsworth Family said...

Looks like fun! Your family is so sweet and your mom definitely is AMAZING to take on feeding 39 people and then host a kid's birthday party!

Larae Taylor Merritt said...

What a fun T-day! I enjoyed seeing all the pic of your family!

Darrell and Alissa said...

Looks like you had a great Thanksgiving! I'm so sorry we couldn't get together- it was so busy once Wed came! I'm glad things are going well for you and the baby- you had so many scares!!

Megan and Trevor Whiting said...

It looks like you guys had lots of fun. I am so glad to hear that everything turned out okay with you and the baby. Tarin is so darn cute. I love it. hope to see you soon.