Thursday, February 5, 2009

Just Call Me Jo-Jo!

Jo-jo is the affectionate nickname I have for myself when I bounce all over the place, rather chaotically. Lucky for me J0-jo worked for me today! I think I originally got the nickname from a Saturday Night Live skit with Jo-jo the Idiot Circus Boy! I just changed out boy for girl and it works for me! This is the personality of mine that presented herself today. (Bet you didn't know I had more than one personality!) I bounced around my home rather chaotically and magically things still got done. I was upstairs enough to collect laundry, and downstairs enough to keep it running through! I cleaned most of my kitchen, only to reappear in there to find cold soapy water to clean my fridge out, warmed it up! Job done! My closet is almost clean (I'm really hoping Steve lets me get rid of a bunch of his stuff that he never wears anymore!) And my kitchen has been clean all day between meals! I'm getting ready to make dinner right now! I even managed to vacuum my kitchen floor with Taryn's help!
With all the bouncing, chaos and accomplishment I had to sneak in a nap--even my nap felt like I bounced in and out of sleep. You know when you wake up wondering if you ever really fell asleep in the first place?
Most of my Jo-jo days I just have to laugh, so I don't cry because I bounce (now when I say bounce I don't really mean skipping, joyful bounce. No, it is more like the ball in a pinball machine!) through my day and don't see any results at the end of it! Then I just say to myself, "Self! (Because thats what I call myself back home) It will be better tomorrow!" I wouldn't even mind if Jo-jo came back tomorrow, as long as she finishes everything she started today!
Somehow in all of my chaos, my children even picked up on the fact that 'things are happening around here today'! So they pitched in and helped! Here are some pics to liven this post up a bit! Loves!

Taryn cleaned the washer while I cleaned the fridge!

Byron picked up all his dirty clothes and took the sheets off the bed for laundry day!

And this is just one to make you laugh! I don't think Byron had figured this out yet at 18 months, but she does it every time she finds the q-tips!


Kara said...

whoa, i'm Jo-jo alot. Love the pics. - It sounded like chaotic nesting.

Farnsworth Family said...

I love it! Next time you feel Jo-Jo coming on, give me a call and I will toss you some keys to bounce over to my house to help get stuff done. There are definitely not enough hours in the day right now!!!

Ann said...

I love the pictures! Your kids helped you clean?! Wow! That IS what I call a good day!

Elyssa Jean said...

yaaay for getting stuff done--expecially when you feel like a hot mess!!

I love you. Thanks for posting those pics. I've been running low on evidence of how bee-utiful my niece and nephew are!

Love you.