Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Enough is enough! **Taryn STEALTH Mode**

So I just can't take it anymore!!! I have been waiting and waiting... and WAITING for my mom to share all of my glorious cuteness, and now I'm taking matters into my own hands! What can I say? My public needs me! Don't worry my peeps--I have an excess of 25 photos of yours truly! Enjoy!
Don't worry about my posting making my mom feel eternal guilt for not being on the ball and getting this posting done herself. I engaged my special stealth mode, she won't even know this post is here. So please be discreet and only post comments for me on this post, thank you! ;0)

Lets see... where to start? I'll just go in chronologic order. (I know my use of large words has completely impressed you!) 
Hmmm, well this is an old picture (11/08) but I would like to share one of my new and favorite skills: vacuuming! I just love this little vacuum, it is just my size. My mom will get this vacuum out to clean the floors and I quickly let her know that it is my vacuum. She hands it over and gets the big one, or the broom! As you can see I've had this skill for almost a year, and I'm still rockin' it!
I am also developing my musical talents with Rock Band! I totally rock the guitar, and I'm working on my drum skills too... I can't wait to start singing (I've been working on the vocab for that skill!)
Oooooh, I just love water. No really, it is divine! I love playing at the sink and washing dishes for my mom. She is so lucky, because the day she took this picture she got a 'two for one' because I cleaned my hair too! No bath tonight!
I just need you all to know how adorable I am in animal print! Cheeks for days, my mom says!
My dad said that we have to move away from Vegas?!? I don't understand why. I love dancing on the table...
And taking off my clothes. Sometimes I even swing my shirt/dress around in circles when I get them off! 
Dad said something to mom about 'table dancing' and 'stripping'? Oh, and there was some reference to 'cage dancing' when I climbed on the dugout fence at Byron's t-ball game and started shaking my bootie!?! My dad keeps saying that this city could bring about a demise in my choice of vocation. Ummmm?? I don't get it. (Please leave a comment with explanation if you know what on Earth my dad is talking about!)

And speaking of t-ball, don't I look cute in a batting helmet? Can't wait till I can play! I just ate a lot of fruit snacks and dug in the dirt during Byron's games. That was fun too, I guess!
After my little sister Josie was born, I thought being the baby looked like a lot of fun, so I tried it out and Byron took pictures! (Psst, it's not all it's cracked up to be--been there, done that!)

Okay, okay... this is it! This is definitely the skill that is going to make me all the big bucks! I now know how to put on my own make-up! I love it! I love it! I love it!

I have radar for the stuff too. Found this red-hot lipstick in Nonni's purse, and I just know when mom leaves hers within my reach in her bathroom! Don't I look amazing? You just let me know when you're getting ready for prom, or getting married--I'll run right over and do you up right!

Lucky is our dog. I just love her. She licks me and tickles me and makes me laugh. In turn I have learned how to feed her and take care of her! See, one for Lucky...

one for me!! 
(Mom says I'm gross, and that I smell even worse later! Whatever, its fun!)

Oh blessed sparklers! I have a new found love for the 4th of July! God Bless America... and the man who made these little things!

All the other kids were scared, but I thought sparklers were the bomb! Haha!

Mom couldn't keep 'em coming fast enough for me!
Oh, and homemade peach ice cream is another reason to love the 4th!

I'm totally a 'daddy's girl' right now! He is my favorite guy in the whole wide world! He is also my jungle gym, horse, trampoline, face-maker and more! We are a silly pair!

I love my little sister Josie. She is so cute. I snuggle her, sometimes mom calls it 'mauling'--I'm just so excited!! Aren't we cute?

I teach her all my funny tricks. Mom will sometimes do this thing where she'll say, "who's the cutest Taryn in the whole wide world?" And I'll raise my arm and wave it around and mom will say, "me, me, pick me! I'm the cutest Taryn in the whole wide world!" I think it is hilarious! So I taught Josie...
"Me, me, pick me! I'm the cutest baby in the whole wide world!"

I'm sure you've heard by now that I turned 2! On July 17th! It was the best birthday ever. I blew out candles all weekend!!! What more could a toddler want? Candles in my bagel for breakfast, and I opened all my cards!
Making a wish!
Candles in my Chinese food for dinner!
My dad was at scout camp on my birthday, so we had my party on Sunday! This is the rockin' cake that my Aunt Brittany made me. In case you can't tell, I'm in love with Nemo! I would find him every day if my mom would let me!
Mom, me and dad! I just love my family!
And of course, candles on the cake! More wishes...
I blew them out first try! Oh joy! No really guys... what is with this picture? I had to throw this one in.
I loved opening my presents! I got the goods! Clothes, a bubble machine and a xylophone!
I'm such a big girl now!
Last, but not least! I really heart the bubbles! Love them! I'm getting pretty good at blowing them myself too!
Was I excessive? Who cares! Mom always says, "go for the good things in excess!" And I, my friends, am a good thing. Come on, I'm 2, I have a fabulous self esteem! 
I hope you enjoyed all of the great things I've been up to. Now that I know how to post, I'll steal the blog a little more often, maybe. Cut down on the excess!

P.S. Would someone please teach my mom how to do those multiple pictures in one to post? Then I can watch her and know too! Moms... where we learn all our good tricks!


i said...

Thanks for the MANY, many chuckles!!! Taryn, not that you need ANY more confidence, but I think you are ADORABLE!!!!! p.s. I know nothing about table dancing. Good luck with that.

Farnsworth Family said...

What a fabulous post!!! Again, your creativity blows me away. It's amazing how quickly she is growing up...2 already?!?!

Larae Taylor Merritt said...

Cute pictures, Janelle, uhh i mean Taryn! All I have to say is, stay away from the dancing and stripping!

Kristin said...

Wow, Taryn! I learned a few new things about you today. Did you know you're so funny you made me laugh so hard I cried? I didn't know you dance on tables. Maybe you can stop that so you don't have to move. We'd be sad if you weren't in Vegas when we flew out to visit Gma and Gpa. Your vocab is super impressive in writing. Hopefully, you'll learn to speak those big words soon so that you can sing when you play Rock Band! We love you! You are TOO cute! Thanks for taking over the blog--it had been way too long since we saw cute pics of you and heard about all the fun things you do.

Salena said...

Very cute! What's this about moving??

Steph said...

What a little cutie!!! That is too cute :)