Thursday, September 24, 2009

Workin' It!

Is it October 1st? Because we are getting into the Halloween Spirit. Ya, we're workin' it! Karalee, Tyler and Elijah came over and the four kiddos made the cutest ghosts!

They were super easy, all you need is a couple paper plates, a garbage bag cut into strips, a construction paper or marker face, and some glue! They also glued some jack-o-lanterns!

The picasso on the left belongs to Elijah, lucky pumpkin got two noses! And Taryn's is on the right! Speaking of Taryn, she was workin' the peanut butter at dinner. (We had an easy meal since Steve got home from work too late for dinner!)

Peanut butter paws, then "get in my belly!"
Oh, and Josie, well she is workin' the burger...

See, I told you so!
(Hat and picture courtesy of Byron. He put it on her and then announced, "we have to take a picture of that mom. It is so funny!")


Larae Taylor Merritt said...

Cute projects! I might have to steal those for the nine little kids running around here. Cute kids. I hope the peanut butter wasn't too bad cleaning up!

Kristin said...

Halloween crafts will be the reward after a morning of house cleaning tomorrow! Super cute!! Love the INO hat--I agree w/Byron--it was funny!

i said...

ohhh it's so time to make something! it felt like fall finally....i'm ready now! ;)