Saturday, June 25, 2011

The Whole Hairy Story!

My name is Manning, and this is the saga of my hair. It is a bit long and full of pictures! 26 I think... still working on my numbers, but hey I can type! :) You need all the pictures to see how adorable me and my hair are, and as proof that my family is mean when it comes to my thick, luscious mane! My mom keeps saying something about "lots of black mail pictures" to use when I'm a dating teenager?!? I'm so lost!

Hair, now that is something I know a bit about! This is me a couple days after I was born. I look a bit milk-drunk I think!Totally adorable new born fuzzy hair!

I affectionately call this my "chia pet" hair style!

The classic part! A bit long to be a missionary hair cut I think!

Byron gave me a faux-hawk, so I could look just like him!
He is one cool dude and I want to be just like him when I get big!

Ummmm, hmmmmm?? Not sure what to say about this one? Taryn had her turn combing my hair!?! Then I started to cry... I mean, come on people! I am not a doll here! Real boy!
I am a real boy, just ask Gepetto, he'll vouch for me! :)

Here my hair looks like a dandelion, and I need a nap!

Crazy Hair! Crazy Eyes!
"You say one mean thing about my hair and I peel you!!!
Like a carrot!"

You makin' fun of my hair??? Take this, "thpfllt! Neener neener!"

Bed Head!
Nuff' Said!

Mom called this one the "President Howard!" He ran the country? Or ate steak? Or was the president of steak? Something like that!

Boo hoo! I told you they're mean!!! They made me look like Donald Trump! Waaahaaahaaaa!

I mean, come on... no one looks good when they start combing their hair from way over here!

Now even I've got Bieber Fever!!! Just call me Justin!

That stuff on my head has a mind of it's own... or maybe a lot of little minds, one in each hair? Whatever, you know you want to be on my team! ;o)

My mom kissing on her cute little baby girl! What? Wait a sec, me again! I told you they were mean! Brace yourselves it only gets worse!

Just my normal, wild-haired self! Wait till you see what the do to me next...

Pigtails!?! Who do you think I am? Cindy Lou Who? Aw man, I look like a really cute little girl!

I kinda like this one! Does that make me weird. I think I look like a human water fountain! I mean that is like eight whale spouts. "Thats right my little 7 month old, female counter parts! Count them and weep!" (Except you Jules, only cry a little!)

Coolio?!? Rapping?!? WHAT THE???

"You give me one more crazy hair-do and I'll tell you what I'll do to you..."

"I can't believe they are doing this to me! Will some one come and rescue me? Please? I think my whole family is...

TOTALLY NUTS!!! And I'm gonna get them for this!!!"

Be afraid little Mann! Be very afraid! "What are they going to do to me?"

Good thing Josie loves me, because I think she is a little jealous that my hair all fits in one pony tail and she still has to wear two!

Taryn says I'm her unicorn! I wish I had wings so I could be a pegasus unicorn, ah well we just have to work with the things God gave us!

When Josie softly, okay not so softly removed my horn, this is what happened...

POOF!!! Is my dad laughing at me?

"I make all this hair look good!"

It's been a long day, can you leave a poor baby's hair alone??? See even dad feels my pain!

If you want to play with awesome baby hair like mine you'll have to pray that your next baby (or baby brother/sister) has hair like mine! Do me a favor and pray she is a girl too, for the baby's sake! Or buy yourself a troll doll!
Since these pictures were taken I've had two haircuts, and the torture continues! :) I'm sure the hairy story isn't over yet!


Lynne said...

I love the Coolio look! That's my fav! He has more hair than Alison and there's more than 2 years of difference between them! He's too cute!

Love you Manning Kent! You're awesome!
Aunt Lynne

Colton Myers said...

BAHAHAHA, gotta love that kid. And that hair. Kaylee's been missing him a lot ever since Fish Lake. Then again, I must admit I miss him too! =)

Brittany said...

This post was fantastic... I grinned and giggled my way through it! Love you and your cute kiddos!

Mykii Liu said...

Hahaha, this is brilliant!!

He looked like Josie at the end for a little bit.. that was wicked! haha

Kristin said...

I wish I was as funny as you! This post was HILARIOUS!!! Manning's hair is tops!

Anonymous said...

I can't believe how cute he is. That is too funny to see - great writing skills and even been sense of humor he has!! I can't wait to see him and all the gang!


Grandma Kathy

Shleby Lynn said...

Oh my goodness! This made me laugh and smile the whole way thru!! So AWESOME!! lol I bet if Josh saw him he wished he had Mannings hair!! ;) Cuz he sure has way more hair than Josh does! lol You and your kids are the cutest Janelle! Love you!

Annette Myers said...

Loved it! And love that darling little guy, hair and all! I laughed out loud several times. Keep 'em coming!

Arielle said...

BAHAHAHAHAHA! Oh my word! Janelle, you have officially made my MONTH! Those pictures are adorable, but your comments on them are absolutely hysterical! Manning's such a cute kid, and you're such a great writer. :) Thanks for the laughs!

i said...

best blog post EVER!!!!