Wednesday, August 3, 2011

What's in a name?

So you may have noticed I changed the title of my blog. How very observant of you! ;) That was me being Captain Obvious for a moment, a funny game we like to play at my house (maybe one day it will make for a moment worth sharing?) Just naming my blog after my dear little family caused me to feel as though all I could share was stuff about my dear little family. I want more than that... so much more. You see I admire many blogs and bloggers who share many different things, and I want to branch out a bit. I'm not nearly the photographer that NieNie is or the storyteller that cJane is and I don't quite have the knack for humorous honesty like Ann, but I've got a lot to share! I don't make up all my own recipes or design and decorate amazing things for my home... yet! However, I do know a whole lot about little people and ice cream! I just know that every one wants to know more about children and ice cream!
So changing the name is like declaring my freedom to change it up a bit with what I share. It may be humorous stories about children I've worked with over the years. Children are definitely good for funny stories... and messes! Could be just about anything!
Like my thoughts on the eternities, because the world lost another good man to cancer far too young. It really puts things into perspective. Like my Taryn drawing a TV on the wall next to her bed with a dry erase marker (did you know those are harder to clean off walls than permanent?), not such a big deal--that's what they made paint for, right? Or my children pulling all the couch cushions off the couch for the 37th time today, no sweat! At least I have three sweet little munchkins to provide that service while one more looks on! My man Steve is with me, right now, in this life! I am blessed! In the eternities the messes and stresses won't matter, but the snuggling and reading and ice cream will! Life is precious and sweet, and I want to savor it! And share it, more of what makes me tick, gets me thinking, and gets my creative juices flowing. Of course the posts about Manning's hair and my other children's antics will show up here too! I KNOW I won't maintain more than one blog... I struggle enough with this one!
So when life hands me lemons, wall drawings, flowers, treats, stress, love, laughter, tears, hope, joy, sadness, charity, doubt, faith... I'll be swinging the world by the tail! And posting about it here when I feel so inspired... and the stars align. :) That's how I feel a lot... I'm just taking what comes and swinging it my way, bringing joy and fun to it whenever I can!

*Inspiration for my title came from this song:
Killing the Blues by Alison Krauss and Robert Plant


Kristin said...

Thanks for brining a couple tears to my eyes. I swear my PMS didn't help out. At all. You've always swung the world by its tail, and I've always loved you for it and always will!

The Ravsten's said...

You go girl. Can't wait to watch it fly! Love ya.