Monday, August 8, 2011

Me, Myself, and Janelle!

I should be sleeping. I'm not! Steve has a new job. He is delivering for Great Buns Bakery... he had to have great buns to work there. It is kind of a prerequisite. If you are a baker you have to bake great buns, and if you are a driver you have to have great buns... you know so your buns make their ugly brown uniform pants look great too. Not that many people get a gander at my mans buns because he works from 12:30 (yes, a.m.) till around 9-11a.m. He is still training, after he has his new route down he hopes to be done a little earlier. They even have keys to a lot of the establishments they deliver to. I wouldn't want to have to let them in either! The sleep schedule has been the biggest change, oh and having bosses who actually give two hoots about my hard-working, amazing man! He's made a big impression. I'm not surprised, I've been saying for years that Steve is "kind of a big deal!" It is nice for Steve to work with peeps who care and make great buns, and who appreciate his great buns... you know for the running around with their buns that he has to do. I appreciate his buns because they are nice to look at, especially when we do p90x together. That doesn't happen nearly often enough. He hasn't worked his work-outs in to his new schedule just yet, but he better... you know, to keep his buns great. I would hate to see them demoted to just "good" buns!
Enough about buns, their bread is amazing. I'm particularly in love with their sour dough at the moment, we've scarfed down their sesame bagels and I can't wait to try the sweet rolls Steve was telling me about. I have a great NEED to purchase a panini press now that I can get my hands on some great buns great bread now. Oh the sandwiches paninis I will make!!! Steve and I were addicted for a little while when I "borrowed" my mom's new panini press for an extended period of time just after Christmas. There is a really good chance I've made more panini's on it than she has. I even saw a panini press with removable plates that would open all the way into a griddle... Josie pulled/threw my griddle on the floor! So I need a new griddle too, you know for pancakes. That will just feed my need and justification in my purchase. Sometimes justification is necessary for the purchases my practical side deems unnecessary! That is when I like to get out my spontaneous personality, she flies by the seat of her pants and lives on the edge... and I love her for that! Am I talking about myself in the third person? Oh dear, this is turning into a post of me, myself and Janelle! Ahhh, or aha? I think I may have just stumbled across my title! Back to the not sleeping... hmmm, maybe my reasonable, smart, logical personality is sleeping. Don't worry, I'll make more sense tomorrow!
Steve goes to bed really, really early (tonight 4:45p.m.) and I put the children to bed, then I stay up and clean the kitchen (or blog) and I have to get in bed and fall asleep before he gets up. Otherwise I have a hard time falling asleep in my lonely bed on my own. I'm getting used to sleeping alone... I'm pretty sure Steve loves it; I haven't quite converted him to a snuggler just yet! It is a crazy schedule, but the children just love having dad come home before lunch! Steve has really enjoyed seeing them more too, and he loves that I have revamped my 'honey-do' list. So far he has called in repairs for a busted fridge and fixed our dryer all by his little, old amazing self! He just started this new job less than two weeks ago!
I love having him around more too! We have the kind of relationship where we do better the more we get to be together. Some day I'm gonna figure out a way that we can work together! It will be awesome! We used to talk about me getting my CDL (commercial driver's license) and doing long-haul driving around the country together. I would pick up and go in a second, except the DOT has some dumb rule about little children in commercial cabs (even though some of them would rival a nice RV)! Oh well, maybe we'll see the country that way some day. We'll be gran and pop, the oldie but goodie truck drivers! Ha ha! That would be so funny! Well I better run and hop in bed, before he gets up! Goodnight!


The Ravsten's said...

You make me laugh and smile. I love it!

Karalee said...

You know Steve's buns really starred in this blog. You, yourself, and Janelle were a great supporting role. Haha!!
I love you.

Larae Taylor Merritt said...

You have a great attitude for your husband working nights. I'm afraid mine wasn't so positive. I'm glad it works though. I did love seeing my husband all afternoon long. Glad his "buns" are being appreciated at work. That makes a world of difference!

Kristin said...

Fun post! Sorry I didn't catch it earlier.