Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Backwards Day

Josie decided yesterday was backwards day!
All day long!

 Taryn loves having her picture taken too!

 I was loving the collared shirt backwards and the shorts with back pockets in front! Awesome!

 Such cute, goofy girls!

Just to prove her point and show that she LOVES clothes, Josie put on Taryn's new dress...
that's right, backwards!
Luckily I didn't feel nearly as backwards on Monday as I did on Sunday! ;)

Byron snuck a picture of Steve and I working in the kitchen together on a super yummy dinner. I just wanted to document it for posterity! I never mind bragging about a good meal either. Steve made pulled pork egg rolls with homemade lexington slaw and ginger-peach dipping sauce! Good times!
I'm just sad I didn't have my camera with me today. We followed Steve to Budget so he could drop off a rental truck and we stopped to watch the airplanes landing near the airport. The kids were hilarious. Josie and Manning were so excited and enthralled with each plane! It was too cute. We should do it again soon with the video camera. Oh, and I actually got the girls hair done today. That would have been fun to document too! Apparently good food and good hair don't happen on the same day round these parts right now... and I'm okay with that!


Brittany said...

I love those girls and your cute family. And I think I need to try that meal sometime. My mouth is watering... :)

i said...

Dallin thinks every day is backwards day! ;) And yea, I soo need to document hair done day!