Thursday, March 22, 2012

I'm a Model...

You know what I mean?

 And I do my little turn on the catwalk!
Yeah, on the catwalk...

On the catwalk, yeah!
I do my little turn on the catwalk!
My sibs are too sexy for their shirts
Too sexy for their shirts
So sexy it hurts...
(Uh, mom says this is getting inappropriate and that I can't use the word sexy until I can properly define it.)
Ummm... what does "define" mean?

So, awhile back (about 7 months back), Byron was bored. You know summertime, lazy days, "what are we going to do?" Well he just got a new bottle of hair gel from Aunt Ashley, so he decided to do my hair. 
Like this...

And then he turned on the fan!

He thought he was sooooo funny!

He was right... this is funny!

And so was this!

And this! Byron just knew mom would want to see how hilarious we were (and how cute I was), 
so he hollered down the stairs, 
"MOM, you have to come quick and see Manning! Oh, and bring the camera! 
You are definitely going to want your camera!"

That is when my photo shoot started...

This edit really brings out the drool on my chin!

And this one really makes my eyes "pop"!

Ha ha! This just makes me look freaky!

And this edit just makes me miss my red hair!

Then everyone wanted in on the photo-shoot action...

Even Byron's lego dragon! I just wanted the dragon!

Taryn showed me how to whip my hair to really make use of the fan!

I think I got it! Don't you totally think I've got it?

Then I was crushed!

And mauled!

Then Byron imparted his wisdom...
on how to achieve the perfect model smile!

 I changed it up a little: less teeth and I added the eyebrows! What do you think?

Black & white really brings out the emotion, don't you think? 
You know... all that brotherly love... or something!

Then Josie taught me how to look into the "soul" of the camera...
to really CONNECT with the audience!

"Can you believe he bought that monkey crud?" (Maniacal laugh)

Then she said, "just be YOU! Let your crazy go!"
(I think I got that one down too!)

"Hey Josie, my eyes feel weird!"
"No kidding Manning, this fan is really drying! Gross!"

Should we be concerned?

"What were you saying? I just found a dinosaur..."

"I want a toy... WAH!"

"My dragon is cooler than your dinosaur!"

"Psst, hey dolly! Let's take over this photo shoot!"

We're so cute!

Having fun!

Now work some smoulder dolly!

Is mom STILL taking pictures???

"Oh, you are? You are! Well in that case..."

Work it

Workin' it

Oh yeah, I'm showing you the love!

Squirrel! I mean, dolly!

I heard dolly tastes like vanilla... or was it chicken?

Come on dino, we'll show them our wild side!

Taryn's bringing out my "angry" eyes!

No really, what is up with this picture of me? Do I look Asian?

I think Taryn snuck this photo in because it makes her look good,
just another "crazy" shot for me!

Well, I feel like this post is getting a bit long. I hope you enjoyed my first modeling venture. I'm sure there will be many more! I am cute, my mom tells me so EVERY day!
I'll just leave you with these baby blues...

*Lyric credits to Right Said Fred


Karalee said...

Can you believe he bought that monkey crud. (Maniacal laugh)
I laughed until I cried. Best picture of Josie. Ever.

Brittany said...

This was fantastic! I love you... :)

Kristin said...

Fabulous post! Thanks for the laughs (need them, especialy on Sunday afternoons--1PM church is rough). Love you!

i said...

What happy kids....all thanks to a baby with amazing hair! ;)