Sunday, August 24, 2008

Taryn Talks!

No really she does! I'm suppose I'm typing that to convince myself more than anyone else. Her current vocabulary consists of these words. Mama, Dad, Do (dog), up, "No, No, No", bye, hi, more and hot.  The funny thing about her communication is that she is so casual about it that you almost don't realize that she spoke at all, or that it is a big deal. I'm sure some other children learned to speak even earlier, but I'm still surprised at her skills and age. She is just so good at communicating. She signs more words than she can say, and she always manages to communicate her wants. Very well. Here are a couple of funny Taryn Talk stories! Of course there was the finger wagging "No, no, no!" story in the last post. 
Well today she was sitting on Heidi's lap in Laurels. I was helping to shift from opening exercises into our individual class. Apparently Taryn tried unsuccessfully to get my attention by saying, "Mom, mom, mom." Heidi thought that was cute and to be funny said, "my mom." Taryn then proceeded to argue with Heidi saying, "my mom." "My mom." "My mom." After three rounds of the "my mom", Taryn just leaned over ever so slightly and bit Heidi on her arm. Conversation ended! (Don't worry, she just tasted her. Just enough to let her know she meant business I guess :)
When we were at the Grand Canyon Taryn was cruising around the porch in front of the Gift Shop while my mom and Karalee watched her. Back and forth she toddled and anytime anyone tried to pick her up she would veer away. After a few passes she noticed an elderly gentleman sitting alone a few chairs down. She kept walking closer to him cocking her head to each side and looking into his face. When she caught his attention she lifted her little hand into a wave and said, "Hi!" Then turned and toddled back.
She is so funny and never misses out on the joke. If your laughing, she is too. A very forced laugh, but a laugh all the same. She even covers her little mouth while she chuckles. I'll have to pay attention to see where she gets that from. She is in the copy and mimic stage! She does everything her mom, dad and big brother do. It is so cute! I just love her!

Taryn sporting her new shades!

Taryn loves sunglasses and has never broken a pair. She is amazingly gentle with them, so we bought her this pair from the gift shop. She thought she was pretty cool, but she still seems to want whatever pair I'm wearing!


Half A Dozen said...

That is so cute!! I love it when they sign. Lorien is just starting to get the hang of it.

Larae Merritt said...

Your kids are so cute. I'm glad you left a comment on my blog. I love it when the kiddos start talking. I really love their jibber-jabber. They know they are saying something, but you have no clue. Too cute.