Tuesday, October 7, 2008


So here is a post because I haven't posted for awhile, and I have really wanted to! Let's see how it turns out?!

The ITCH! I always get the itch to move pretty much from September 15th to October 15th EVERY year! Steve gets the itch too! I think the biggest part of the itch is that the HOT weather just seems to drag on. Don't get me wrong, 90 degrees on the way down feels so much better than 90 degrees on the way up in April/May, but I just want cool, cold weather! I miss the leaves changing colors on the trees, on the mountain. I miss Fall Sunday drives, just to see the golden aspens! I miss the random, early snow fall sometime in October. I miss seeing Eric, Lynette, Adam and Lauren Gratteau! I want to move back to my Rocky Mountains! But that would mean leaving my family! 
So we will scratch the itch with a trip down to Mesa, AZ to my dear cousin Carley's wedding reception. I don't believe we will find much cooler weather there, but it will be fun to be a part of that event. We didn't always make it to fun family events when we lived in Denver! I would really love to scratch the itch with a trip to my beautiful Colorado! Maybe early next year.

5 Things I Love in Las Vegas
1. My family.
Poppi & Nonni
Brandon & Chelsa
Karalee & Todd, Tyler, Elijah
Ashley & Robert
2. Sister time! Sister service! Girl's nights out or 'in'!
3. Double dates with Bro and Chelsa!
4. Taking over Nonni & Poppi's house for conference weekend!
5. Luv-It Custard! If you come to visit I will take you there. 
If you live here and you have never been?? Sinful! 
Call me and we will make a date of it! 
Every one should go there at least once in your life time!
Two words for you: Banana Luv!

I love the Fall! There is something about it! I don't spring clean, I fall clean! I don't know if it was the fresh start of a new school year? Maybe here in Vegas the reason could be that the weather has finally cooled off enough to go outside; trim the trees, clean out the garage, etc. I have been FALL cleaning! And I love it! Yesterday I exploded! Literally bombed my house with the contents of my closets!!! It was awesome! Sometimes it just has to get worse before it will get better! I'm looking around at 'worse', but I couldn't feel better! I have three garbage bags, so far, of things to take to D. I.! Yeah! I love to purge! Throw things away! Pare down to only the needed items in my space! I love to see organized closets with empty space, room to grow! This is my week project! I have a ways to go! I love progress!

Introducing . . .
Alison Aleen Crabb
Born Monday September 15, 2008
Lynne Gratteau Crabb & Eric Crabb are her proud parents!
Isn't she so stinkin' cute? She is a week old in this picture!

Byron concentrating very hard to put together the 
Transformers puzzle that Grandma Kathy brought him!
He loved it! THANK YOU!

Last, but not least
My absolute favorite picture of the week!!!
Taryn sleeping in the rocking chair for her afternoon nap!
You may have figured out by now that Taryn does not sleep in a crib. She never has. It is a Montessori thing. She slept in a bassinet in my room until she was 4 months old, and then slept on a futon mattress on the floor in her room!
During nap time these days, she rarely sleeps on her futon mattress! This is the most creative place I have found her yet! She is hugging her baby doll! Too cute!


Farnsworth Family said...

Just so you know, we won't allow you guys to move! You will just have to continue making trips here and there, but you can't leave! I am glad to hear you are a luv-its fan, we will definitely have to go sometime. What do you all have going on Saturday? Maybe we can finally get together...just give me a jingle! The girls were so excited to see Byron the other night!

Steph said...

What a cute hodge-podge. The colored font is very lively :) We used to have a luv-it by our old house. It's probably good we don't now :) I'd love to go with you too sometime... take the kids. Let me know.

Kristin said...

Fun post! But, no surprise there because you're always so dang much fun! Glad you're loving the Fall cleaning and just scratching that moving itch. Hope you have a super fun weekend! Love those sweet pics of your new niece and two cute kids, esp. Taryn in the rocking chair w/her doll...simply adorable! We have to enjoy all these moments-they are passing so quickly.

Larae Merritt said...

I have a moving itch too. It pops up about every other year. Have fun in Mesa!

Half A Dozen said...

I love it!

The Morris Fam said...

i get itchy...then put on some cream(which is thinking about how much I dislike packing)...lucky the feeling goes away. It would be nice in Colorado however!