Friday, October 3, 2008

Mystery Solved!

Within two days of the last nap time escape Taryn was opening pretty much every door in the house! Luckily the locks on the pantry and office doors are still there, so she can't raid the food or splash in the dog water on a whim (and occasionally eat dog food, ewww!) Since we don't lock Lucky up during meal times, Taryn still feeds her on a whim, but that's another story!
Maybe I owe Lucky an apology for assessing door opening blame too hastily? I'm sure she's already over it! She's a dog!!! 

Well on Wednesday night things got really interesting. Taryn is cutting in all four molars at the SAME time! Needless to say she wakes up in the middle of the night in discomfort (pretty much every night this week). Do molars know that the best time to push through the next painful little tooth bump should be between the hours of 3-5a.m.? Are all four of her teeth in cahoots to cause as many sleepless nights as possible in the process? Or is there plan to drag it out as long as possible? I'm onto you molars!

PROBLEM: Taryn wandering around our downstairs crying, LOUDLY! And saying, "Mommy, mommy, MOMMY!?!" Why is this a problem? It was 4:30a.m. and dark! I have a monitor in her room, so the only thing I can figure is that she happily and quietly left her bedroom! Then out of routine turned herself around and slid downstairs, only to find it void of any life! SCARY! When you are 14 months old. When I came to, saw her open door, scanned her room and finally figured out that the crying was downstairs; I found her in the front room halfway to the front door! SCARY! When your the mommy!

This little diddy was created on the spot with the only bungee I could find without going out to the garage, hence the hanger to finish off the job! I thought we might use it just to keep her in while she falls asleep, but you better believe it was on her door ALL NIGHT last night! Dad took it off in the morning so she could open her door when she woke up! I need to know I'll find her where I left her in the middle of the night!
SAFETY first you know!


The Morris Fam said...

ingenious workmanship and design. whatever it takes, right!?!? i would freak out walking around down there in the dark too. kids do such funny things.

Larae Merritt said...

Pretty fast thinking. My brain doesn't work that fast.

It is scary if they wander off. I'm glad you caught her before she went outside.

Kristin said...

Glad to hear the mystery is solved and that Taryn survived her midnight escapade. Here's to hoping those teeth pop through SOON!

Erin said...

Maybe this is horrible, but Andrew was doing the same thing, so we switched his knob around. Now it locks from the outside and we lock him in at night. It sounds awful, but we have such a scary (18 steps straight down) staircase and I was afraid to wake up one morning and find a scrambled baby boy at the bottom! Anyway, it's worked great and he sleeps longer because he knows he can't get out anyway.