Tuesday, September 30, 2008


So here are our top three fun activities of the weekend! We usually don't get weekends packed with so much fun! But this one sure was!

3. The Gilcrease Orchards. I didn't believe that an orchard could exist in the lush, green city of Las Vegas, but alas it is true! They even have a vegetable garden and a pumpkin patch (unfortunately that didn't open until Oct. 1st).

Taryn on Steve's back, Byron and me walking down the empty apple aisle!

Byron couldn't believe so many pears grew on one tree!

Taryn wanted to get a pear out of my bag to eat right now!

Hunting under all the huge leaves for zucchini.

"Can you believe how big this zucchini is mom?"

We had a lot of fun at the orchards with the Garber family! We should go earlier in the year next summer. I guess the peaches are ready for picking in July. And that means that we should go earlier in the day too! Saturday was a warm day for September.

2. Mater. From the movie "Cars". We had the joyous, exciting, amazing opportunity to see him at the Henderson Auto Show! Byron said, "See mom, I told you he was real!" And he was impressive. I have to give some love to whoever restored this truck to it's original 'Mater Glory'. You made our day! My personal favorite was a delicious funnel cake. The boys go to the car show for the cars, I go for the food!

Byron with the world's most beloved tow truck!

1. A visit from Grandma Kathy and swimming with her at the Bellagio pool! Byron summed it up in one word, "Awesome!" Taryn had a great time too, she loved 'jumping' in the pool while holding on to my thumbs, then she would turn right around and climb up the steps to do it all over again! She did it at least 25 times! It was so much fun to see Grandma and visit with her!

The 'wave' from Byron, Steve, and Grandma Kathy is holding Taryn!

Another shot, we thought Taryn deserved to show her cute little mug!
The shade helped this time!

I have no idea what Byron is doing, but thought this picture was very funny!
Taryn loved Grandma's visor and her friend Bonnie's hat too!

We are so happy that Grandma came for a visit, and even happier that it won't be long before we get to see her again! Grandma & Grandpa are coming out for Christmas! 


Elyssa Jean said...

I love your blogs. What an easy, simple way to scrapbook, right?
And any pictures of/stories about you kids make me SOOO HEPPY.
Love you!

Larae Merritt said...

What a fun weekend! That is pretty amazing there is an orchard in Ls Vegas, I never knew it existed! That Mater truck is awesome. I can't believe how real he looks. I can't believe you guys are still swimming down there. We are getting quite cool up here!