Thursday, September 25, 2008

Who Let the Taryn Out? Who? Who? Who?

I love those dimples!

So I hope you heard the music in your head! Evelyn is over for the day, and she has been singing it ever since I did. This may be a fact about me that you do not, or may never want to know (at least not in person) about me. I make up random, silly songs about my children, or anything really to popular, or not so popular tunes! The song of today's title being of course "Who Let the Dogs Out?" So what led to my query you may ask.

We arrived home from the water park at 12:30. Ate a delicious lunch of grilled cheese sandwiches (gouda on home made bread, I might be bragging here) and grapes. Taryn was tucked into her bed at 1:15. I came down stairs, ignored the two cuties in the front room and finished my sandwich while reading some blogs. To my utter astonishment at 1:32 I hear Taryn laughing. Byron and Evelyn are still playing happily in the front room. Lucky is upstairs. Taryn is getting ready to head down the stairs when I get to her! Still giggling every time Lucky licks her face. 

She sees me coming and makes a mad dash to my room to get away. I make chase, more peals of laughter follow! When she is caught and tickled until breathless I scoop her up and head back to her room. On the way I make a quick stop to peer downstairs into the front room.

Mom: "Who opened Taryn's door?"

Byron: "I didn't do it." This line is well used.

Evelyn: "I didn't." (With a genuinely confused look on her face).

Then the singing/rapping begins. "Who let the Taryn out? Who, who, who?" And Taryn dances. I admit my curiosity is still piqued. Taryn can reach her door handle, but was unable to pull it down enough to unlatch her door when I just tested her. Besides I think that she would just keep shutting it, rather than understand to pull it in to her room.

We have had a sneaking suspicion for awhile now that our dog can open doors. Did Lucky take pity on the poor Taryn who was knocking on her door and yelling for rescue? I never saw Byron or Evelyn leave the front room (although they did not have my undivided attention). So can Lucky open doors? We have never caught her in the act. But I swear doors are open when I get home that I shut before I left. I have even taken to locking my bedroom door when I leave, because Lucky loves my bed. My bed is OFF LIMITS! So where was the dog hair coming from? Afternoon snoozes alone?

A true mystery!

Taryn can reach the door handle!?! She is getting so big!

These two are the best of friends. 
Taryn loves Lucky!

Lucky tickles Taryn with kisses. Can you hear her giggles?


Ann said...

So funny! And I LOVED reading that story about Byron and his primary program. Sounds like the line he was supposed to give just wasn't inspired. Good thing Byron knows what is supposed to be said. His comment encompasses my dearest testimony. You're right. What a cool little dude.

P.S. I'm so glad I was able to see you while I was in Vegas. It was so cool to talk to you again. I seriously would love for you guys to visit us in Oregon sometime.

Kristin said...

Love that story! Too cute! You'll have to tell us if the mystery ever gets solved. Hugs and kisses to all of you from us! Missing you today!