Monday, September 15, 2008

I Got Skills!

So tonight Byron brought me a picture from his Thomas coloring book that he had colored, just for me! Steve noticed that his coloring has changed (aka. he stays inside the lines). 

Steve: "Byron, nice coloring. You're picture looks great."

Byron: "Yeah, I got color skills"

Mom & Dad: Giggles and snickers.

I suppose that ultimately Napoleon Dynamite started the talk of skills in our family! Somewhere along the line, Byron was introduced to skills! He has many skills. On other occasions he has been known to say:

"Yeah, I've got awesome puzzle skills."
"I have MAD skills!"
"I got cleaning skills."
"I have building skills, Star Wars skills, cooking skills."
"I've got MAD fighter skills and CRAZY shooter guy skills."

He is impressive, I must say! Byron does have many, many skills! He has skills at making his parents laugh. He has entertaining my little sister (and maybe even occasionally tormenting her) skills. He has very creative skills too. My favorite might be his stealth skills, when he gets too quiet for too long I know he is practicing those skills and I better go and check on what he is being so stealthy about! I love my skilled little man!

P.S. Red and blue are Byron's favorite colors!

Here is a very brief sampling of Byron's amazing photography skills! Or it could be titled Brettany (our very own celebrity couple in my family, little sis Brittany and her boy Brett!) from Byron's perspective!
Byron always knows how to get the best of everyone in his shots!

Like I said, the best!


Farnsworth Family said...

Those pics "crack"ed me up!!! Byron definitely has some mad photography skills. My girls miss him...he is such a ball of energy and fun!

Larae Merritt said...

Too cute. Definitely love the photography skills!!

Kristin said...

I'm cracking up over all Byron's skills. His photo skills take the cake, at least for this post.