Sunday, September 21, 2008

Self Esteem!

On the way to church this morning:

Mom: "Byron what is your line for the primary program?"

Byron: "Uh, . . . Heavenly Father loves me!"

Mom: "Yes he does. But remember your line goes, 'I am thankful to be a beloved child of Heavenly Father.'"

Byron: "Oh yeah, the program. I had pizza at my practice the other night. What night was that?"

Mom: "It was Friday night." (Byron desperately wants to know every day of the week by name.) "Will you tell me your part now? You know it. You got tired of me asking you to repeat it this week."

Byron: "I am thankful to be a beloved child of Heavenly Father."

Mom: "Will you say it again?" (Byron repeats it two more times).

We arrive at church and duck into the bathroom to tuck in Byron's shirt and wet down his hair, dad forgot before he loaded the kids in the car. Byron walks up to his seat on the front row. After the sacrament he takes his seat right behind the wood stand to the left of the podium. His first move of the day, licking the top of the wood stand in front of him! He ate his tie. Made faces at one of Steve's deacon that he knows on the second row in the audience, and polished the wood his finger that he kept wetting down. It was entertaining to say the least. That said, he also sang way more words to the songs than I realized he knew, and the other half of the time he was pretty reverent. Then the time came for the CTR 4 class to go to the microphone and say their parts. Byron was closest and was to give his part first. So he waited at the microphone. When he was told it was his turn he turned and looked at audience for 20-30 seconds. Right before the primary president was about to give him a cue. . . 

Byron: (with all the confidence in the world) "Heavenly Father loves me because I am good."

So there it is, a beautiful example of pure, fresh, not yet crushed by the world SELF ESTEEM! Confidence at its best! I just love that little guy! Steve and I cracked up after he said his part. Steve leaned over and said, "where did he get that line from?" Only heaven knows that adorable boy's brain! 


Kristin said...

My kids and I are ROFL!!! That is AWESOME! Thanks for sharing. We needed a good chuckle tonight. Tell Byron we love him and also love him because he is good. :)

Larae Merritt said...

Kids know what they really need to say and what we need to here! To funny!