Wednesday, September 17, 2008


I just talked to my older sister, Kristin Baker, who lives in Houston, TX! Their power came back on at 3:00 a.m. CELEBRATION!!! It was so interesting to hear her take on Hurricane Ike. The storm was intense, but they got through it well. She said it has been amazing to watch the people in her neighborhood out helping strangers cut up trees. To see someone hop out of their car that first day after and chop up a tree to clear the road for not only themselves, but for all the travelers after. They had their frozen goods and some fridge goods at neighbors houses who had generators. Those who had freezers loaned out frozen jugs of ice when the individual ice supplies dwindled. Now that Kristin's power is on she is running load after load of laundry for a family of 12 in her ward, and squeezing hers in around it! She said that with her power back on she is so happy to be the one offering the services now! The majority of their ward is still without power! So the 'pay it forward' mentality rolls on in Texas! 

It is so interesting to me Kristin's perspective vs. the news! There is much to be said about perspective. The amazing thing is that how we want to see the world is all up to us! I have seen some other amazing examples of PERSPECTIVE as of late! I mentioned the daily scoop blog and Stephanie Waite's amazing perspective in a previous post and there is also the example of the Neilsen's who were in a plane crash. To read their stories see here, here and here. Warning, I've been a little sucked in myself! (I'm so proud I learned how to do that, the here, here thing :) I only share because seeing others examples of true perspective has helped me to keep it real! It is all about my choices! What I choose to see! Not to mention that Stephanie Neilsen's perspective was amazing before too!

ETERNAL PERSPECTIVE! That is my choice! That is what I choose to see!


The Morris Fam said...

i loved reading this! so true. We want you to come play! e-mail me your number would you?

Farnsworth Family said...

It is amazing how people step up in time of need. Thank you for sharing the links to those other blogs. Sometimes we don't realize how lucky we are and how little our own trials are in comparison to others.