Friday, September 12, 2008

Rainy Day!

I can't say that I love rainy days in Las Vegas, because they are so far apart that they don't feel like days. It is just a rainy day every once in awhile. When they arrive, oh how I love them, we all do! So this past Monday we got a great rain storm! Have you ever noticed in Vegas that people come out of their houses when it rains. In Denver people went in. But not here it is such a rare and beautiful thing we all come out! I see more of my neighbors during a good rain than I do in a month! Well out came the camera for some down pour fun! It was such a down pour that you couldn't really be outside in it for long, at least Byron didn't think so, and Taryn wasn't sure what to think! Here are some fun pictures!

Daddy laughing at Taryn's uncertainty.

I will give you a leg hug while you watch the rain!

Lucky, Byron and dad playing in the 'river' in our street!

"I'm getting too wet dad. Lets make a run for the house!"

The world's cutest pouty lip! Poppi would say, "a bird could land on that thing!"

The table top is Taryn's favorite perch outside. 
From there she can watch her brother play in the water and mud!

Byron enjoyed the 'lake' under our trampoline.
We haven't had a lake in our backyard for at least two years!

We love getting outdoors, and there is nothing like a rain storm to cool it off enough to make that fun! We even went to play at the park after the rain! We are anxiously awaiting the cooler weather!


Darrell and Alissa said...

I know you guys really must be enjoying the rain- we on the other hand could do with out it by now! All the left over from the hurricanes are making us a little floody here!

nancy said...

I loved that storm! I wish we had more like it!