Monday, September 1, 2008

Summer Fun With The Texas Cousins!

On August 10th we got one of the true treats of our summer! The Baker family flew in from Houston, TX for their summer visit! We were determined to show them a good time. I pride myself on being the family pictorian (haha, I came up with that myself, nerdy I know :) Because of this I end up with ridiculous quantities of pictures. By ridiculous I literally mean hundreds!!! So here I will subject you to a very few of my favorites. A bit of a picture marathon!

We started off with a welcome back Party for Robert and Ashley on Monday night! Swimming and yummy food at the Ashworth's (parents). The kiddos were in heaven!

Ashley and Robert the adorable couple of honor!

On Tuesday Kristin and I took our five children to Town Square, a new mall with an outdoor park. Grandma Jean accompanied us and took us to lunch at the Claim Jumper! The children had a great time playing in the water and running around the park! Lunch was delicious and fun too. It was a great chance for me to visit with Kristin and Grandma Jean!

Five cute cousins on the caterpillar! Taryn is so cheesy, wonder where she gets that?

Derek, Byron and Shayla loved the maze! They ran around in there for quite awhile!

This is one of my favorite pictures! Six years apart and they adore each other!

The birthday couple Grandpa Jack & Grandma Jean!

Rock Band with Aunt Elyssa! Taryn ROCKS the drums and Byron loves to sing!

On Wednesday, Kristin and I loaded up our five children in Nonni's minivan for a little road trip to St. George, UT to visit more greats! First stop Grandma Bev's house! We had lunch when we arrived. The fun there included a raucous few rounds of the candy bar game, its just not a trip to Grandma Bev's without the candy bar game! The great grand children also got to help make white chocolate popcorn. And:

Derek and Byron enjoyed a couple matches of wrestling.

Playing a couple hands of Old Maid!

Grandma Bev and the five great grand children. Taryn, Byron, Shayla, Junior & Derek!

The girls! Shayla, Taryn and Katie!

Grandpa Dallin and my little family!

Thursday was Ashley's Birthday on August 14th, and Steve's is August 16th! So we had another party that night. Our friends the Slighting's brought a really fun blowup water slide for the kids! We had scone tacos, ice cream cake and more fun with the cousins!

Byron flying down the slide! Superman style!

Tyler, me and Taryn posing for a picture!

I had to throw this one in! The only thing better than a scone taco? 
A scone with butter and raspberry jam! What a cute face!

The birthday cuties! Happy Birthday Steve and Ashley!

This is just the first installment of pictures. I will post Visit Part II : The Family Reunion another time! I'm sure I would tear my hair out trying to arrange any more photos! I love my family and it is so much fun to hang out and spend time with them! Hope you enjoyed the photo marathon!


Farnsworth Family said...

I am exhausted after reading that. How do you keep up with a crazy schedule like that??? I am glad you are back in town!

Ashlie and Aiden said...

reading all of that makes me miss you so much! Love you all!

Kristin said...

THOROUGHLY enjoyed it! Might have to cut and paste it into my blog. Ha ha. Love you.

Charise said...

I love to see all of the family pictures! :) Any Byron is hilarious! I love it!