Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Cinnamon Rolls and Cockroaches?

Yesterday morning we cooked up some of my mother's amazing cinnamon rolls for breakfast. For the special occasion I sat at the little table with Byron and Taryn. I was talking to Taryn and called her "sweet pea". Byron said, "and I'm your little bean, right?"
"Yep, your my little bean."
"And sometimes I am your little cockroach too, right?"
I quickly explained to Byron that he did not want to be my little cockroach, because I don't really like cockroaches. They are gross.
"Oh!" After 30 seconds of silence pass he then proceeds to give me amazing information. His little face lights up and he says, "mom, did you know that your sinuses are right under your eyes?" Poking me in the cheek he adds, "right here."
"Wow, I did know that my sinuses were right there, where did you learn that? Did dad tell you that?"
"No. I saw it on a TV commercial, and did you know that when you are sick little green guys run around in them and yell and dance and stuff?"
I just had to laugh! I didn't think they showed sinus commercials during morning cartoons? I'll have to see if Steve knows any more about this! Children are so funny. I'm always surprised by what they find amusing or what sticks and what doesn't.
I sure love my little Bean!

Byron is king of a  mountain at the Grand Canyon!


Farnsworth Family said...

What a cutie your little bean is! It's amazing the things they remember. When I saw the title of your post, I knew it would be a good one!

Ann said...

Oh, so funny! I love your new header, too!

I'm glad you guys got to come over to swim the other day! We'll have to do it again before we leave. I'll call you!

Karalee said...

Byron is the best! I love it. Tell him he is hilarious.

Viva Las Floyds said...

Ok, I laughed out loud! That is hilarious!! He's a hoot!

Kristin said...

Your little bean is a hoot, and a very cute one! We miss you all!

Megan and Trevor Whiting said...

Trevor and I laughed so hard at Byron's comments. He is so crazy. I love it. Miss you guys when are your coming to visit again?

Steph said...

So Kaia says to me," mom, you know Byron right?" I say, "yeah" She says," he is moving." I ask" How do you know?" "She said," I saw a whole bunch of stuff packed up in their garage, so they are moving....or maybe camping."
What a goofball that girl is!

Michelle said...

I don't even know if we know each other, so I hope you don't think this is weird... but I saw your comment on Julie's blog and wondered if I knew you. I clicked on your blog and was compelled by the title of this post (very catchy indeed). Anyway, I have a little boy who my husband and I have called our little bean or "the bean" ever since he was born! I have never heard anyone else call one of their kids by that little term of endearment, so I just had to say something! :)