Thursday, November 13, 2008

My Sweet Sour Day!

Taryn here! Reporting to you live on my Wednesday activities!
I had one sweet day with my sour lemon friend. 
And I do mean BFF!
Seriously, we kicked it together all day!
It all started as I watched my dad get out the Bosch and juice his lemons for the day. He is doing some crazy lemonade cleanse or something!?! 

Dad's juicing contraption!

Anyway, I watched him and thought to myself, "I could totally do that just like dad!" So I went to the Bosch cupboard and sure enough there was another juicer in there just for me! I pulled out my juicer, rescued my lemon from the garbage (can you believe my dad threw away my BFF??? Ok, you're right he didn't know we had such a fabulous bond at the time. He's forgiven.) You know what I did next. I loved and squeezed my little yellow friend! ALL DAY!

Just like this! I told you I'm amazing, just like my dad!

Then I squeezed her on the back porch! After lunch I talked my mom into taking off my shirt. When she got distracted cleaning up I ran out in the back yard to be a 'white trash' kid with my brother. At least he has his pants on today! Don't you worry about my little lemon, I took her with me, of course!

I juiced her on our little table that we use to climb on the trampoline!

And then I carted her around the backyard with me. I would have taken her shirt off too, you know, if she had one! I mean really what more could one ask for in a friend? Someone who will go everywhere with you and take all your abuse with a sunny smile? I think I may be the luckiest girl alive! Life is good!

Oh yes, two little more tidbits of information from my exciting life:

I learned how to wink! Byron says its just blinking with two eyes. I think he is full of baloney! Wink, wink! (And despite what you think that is not a perma-booger on my nose! I swear!)

Oh, and last but not least: Byron taught me how to clean my room! Pay no attention to the bed and shelf, but check out my clean floor! My brother may be full of baloney, but he has some great wisdom too -- this only took him 3 minutes! I've got to learn his ways!
Much love till next time -- Taryn here, signing off!


Farnsworth Family said...

Your sense of humor is great! What a cutie Taryn is. I always love at Christmas how the kids get a bigger kick out of the packaging than the actual toy. It's amazing the "toys" kids will like! Heck, if it kept her busy, YEAH!

Steph said...

What a cute little story! Taryn is such a cutie! How funny that she carried that lemon around all day. Christmas... a bag of lemons?

The Ravsten's said...

Hilarious! Thanks for putting a smile on my face.

Half A Dozen said...

That is hilarious! Thank you for adding a spot of sunshine in our day.

Karalee said...

I am crying. No really.(from laughter, but still) Taryn's inner dialogue is funnier than mine. How sad.

Kristin said...

That is the cutest post--love it! I think the Byron went to the Shayla school of room cleaning. I hope Taryn reports in another blog post before too long. Can't wait to hear about some more adventures w/her BFF. Thanks for the smiles tonight!