Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Pregnancy Details!

The baby should arrive on or around June 10th! 
Judging from my other two babies anywhere between June 7th and June 20th!
I first discovered I was pregnant the second week in October! 
I did two pregnancy tests just to be sure! ;)

Here is what the Chinese Gender Prediction Calendar has to say:

Sep            G               
Results: It's a Girl if you conceive in Sep at age 30
No more torture for anyone this time! We will be finding out the sex of this baby. I never heard the end of it with Taryn! Byron is the catalyst for that decision! I think he will need some mental prep time if it is another little sister! 
He has been asking for a baby brother for 6 months now!
"Is there a baby brother in your tummy, NOW, mom?"

Saturday afternoon began a bit of an adventure in this pregnancy when I had some red spotting. I had my moment of sheer panic, "This can't be happening to me again!" I then gathered myself, took stock of my resources and called on the priesthood! My dad works on Saturday, so I called the Garbers. Todd and Karalee arrived as quickly as they could. I laid in bed, cried and prayed, Steve comforted me and chased Taryn around!
I was the recipient of a sweet blessing. No specific promises were made about this child at that time. I thought long and hard about what I should pray for. I learned from my other two miscarriages that praying for anything but the Lord's will only brought disappointment. So I basically prayed to know what to pray for. I received a confirmation that is was okay to pray for this child to stay with me and come in June! Sweet relief! Little by little the spotting stopped. I didn't spot at all on Monday! I prayed fervently for my miracle nearly every moment until I walked into my midwife's office and saw this:

My baby!

Steve was with me. I think the cute little bugger was sleeping when we started. First I was so relieved to see the baby, then I looked for the heart beat. I love seeing that little flutter, it reminds me of hummingbird wings! Then Steve asked, "um, should it be moving more than that?" My new midwife Margie (Kaye retired and moved to Utah. Boohoo!) replied that we may have woken it up. She pushed gently on it, and two little arms shot out and pushed right back, as if to say, "seriously? Go away, I was napping! Growing a lung here at the moment, it's hard work, OK?" Shortly after the little guy turned it's back on us, "you are dismissed now!" Funny little character. I swear their personalities form way earlier than we think. :)
Oh the joy of ultrasounds!!! Even more the JOY of knowing the baby is okay!

I didn't realize what a miracle Byron was! (Of course he was! He was just an easy miracle.)
I absolutely knew that Taryn was a miracle and answer to prayer!
This baby is no different, a miracle in answer to a different prayer!

Taryn's thoughts: "baby? Oh yeah, I have a baby. Hold on, I'll run right upstairs and get her for you. It might take a minute, I should probably put clothes on her before I bring her down. What? Mom's having another baby? You are full of baloney too! I AM mom's baby!"

Byron's thoughts: "are you sure you have a baby in your tummy?"
When he is shown the ultrasound picture he nods very convincingly as I am pointing out all the baby parts, as if he knows exactly what he is looking at. Then says, "so it is a BOY!"
I replied, "that baby is really tiny so we can't tell yet if it is a boy, but we will find out when we can."
B: "Okay." Walking away, "it's a boy."


Larae Taylor Merritt said...

I think you better believe Byron! Sounds like the kid knows what he's talking about! I'm so glad that everything is okay! Priesthood blessings are the greatest! I love the ultrasound pic! It makes me want to have a baby in my belly!
Best of luck! I wish for you a happy, no morning sickness, water retention free pregnancy!

Ashlie and Aiden said...

I am so excited for you guys! YEAH! another gorgeous gratteau baby to love!

Ann said...

Congratulations! I can only imagine how excited you are! I'm so glad everything is going well.