Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The Great News!

The GREAT news is . . . (drumroll please)

We are having a baby . . . 


Can you believe it? I have to admit I was a little surprised myself! So was Steve! Apparently if I have strong feelings that we are having a child of one sex, I should go against my gut instinct and tell everyone I think it is the opposite! I was sure Byron was a girl, and sure my girls were boys! Go figure! 
This pregnancy has felt much more like my pregnancy with Byron than my pregnancy with Taryn! The nausea, but no throwing up, break-outs--I'm talking Pizza Face here! (When I got pregnant with Byron I was pretty sure that whoever said pregnant women glowed was full of shiiiicken, I mean chicken! We curse animals around our house instead of four letter words, mostly cows and chickens. Try it--it is fun, breaks up the tension a bit because saying "what the cow?" or "holy chicken!" is funny!) 
I have gotten a strange side effect during each of my pregnancies too. When I was pregnant with Byron the hair on my legs stopped growing in patches and really slowed down. A beautiful thing for the shaving American woman! While pregnant with Taryn the grease producing glands on my gourd slowed down significantly, allowing me to go 4-5 days without washing my hair if I wished! Both awesome side-effects. I haven't figured out what estrogen induced side effect it will be for this little girl though, since neither of the afore mentioned side effects has returned! I would prefer the hair one this time, since she is due in June and I won't shave as much until summer anyway!
So there you have it folks! We are having a girl, and more information on my pregnancies than you ever wanted! Awesome!

Ok, everyone wants to know . . . what does Byron think about this??? Well, as I was showing him and Steve the first 8 of the 9 pictures I brought home I snuck in a couple, "here is her hand. This is a picture of her face, can you see her mouth open in this one?" Byron caught on, "did you say this baby is a girl?" I showed him the crotch shot at the end and said, "yes, this baby is a little sister."
"But I said this baby was a brother. I want it to be a boy."
"Do you see anything between her legs?"
"That makes her a girl."
Big sigh!!! "Ohhh."
Dad asked him, "are you okay?"
"No, I am a little sad!"

I'm a mean mom, and I made him tell his Baker cousins what we were having. In a monotone voice, just above a whisper he said, "I'm having a sister." (Little sigh.) Didn't say goodbye,  I love you, nothing. Just handed me back the phone and went upstairs. They thought that was kind of funny!

We decided to go out to dinner to celebrate! Byron picked In-N-Out for dinner, so we got to hang out with Aunt Brittany since she was working last night! Then I picked Dairy Queen for dessert--what pregnant woman doesn't want a cherry dipped cone? Ahhhh, delicious! (Thanks Jenna for reminding me how amazing those are!) Then we went to our favorite little spot by the airport to watch the airplanes land! Just when we had given up 9 planes lined up to land! Always a fun family night!

On the way home I asked Byron if he was excited about having a baby sister. He replied, "Yes, but still just a little bit sad!"
"Well you have to help us come up with a name for this baby girl." (A boy's name was in the bag--girl? We've got nothing! That we agree on anyway!) Byron got a bit more enthusiastic at the idea of naming his baby sister. 
"I know!" He shouts, "we can name her Cord!"
I grinned at him and asked, "isn't a cord what you use to plug in the vacuum or the toaster?"
He stuck to his guns and said, "I think Cord is a beautiful name too!"
We'll keep you posted on his other creative ideas. He was sure we should name his little brother Byron Gratteau Bradley. That would be different from his name because the middle name came after the last name! He is pretty funny that one!

So that was our Great News!!! Now if you would like the news scroll down.

P.S. So I finished this post yesterday and thought I would add a couple of the ultrasound pictures, like the cute one with her mouth open! Alas, I'm having scanning issues! So here it is anyway. Besides, she doesn't really want a crotch shot on here forever! She told me herself--modest already! What can I say? 

P.P.S. Byron still wants to name her Cord today, although he is considering Zelda as an option now too! Then we could name the brother who is coming next Link (you guessed it. . . just like on his and daddy's video game!)


Kara said...

Congratulations! Girls are so much fun to dress up (for a while anyway). And the name Cord isn't so bad.

Ann said...

Yay! You're back! First a boy and then two girls? Hmmm, that sounds familiar! What a perfect order! I'm so glad to hear that everything has been going well!
And I'm so glad you have you blogging again.
Did you get my email?

Farnsworth Family said...

How exciting!!! Girls are great and it's fun to hear Byron's reaction. He will be such a great protective brother when he gets older!!!

The Ravsten's said...

Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! First, you are back and second you are having a girl! What a blessing. Also, that we are alive during this miraculous time of modern medicine. I"m so happy for you and Steve. Enjoy! Love ya.

Larae Taylor Merritt said...

Congratulations! Girls are a lot of fun, a lot of patience needed, but a lot of fun! I'm glad Byron is getting used to the idea of a sister. He was so sad. I don't think Cord is that bad. The first thing I thought of was umbilical cord though.

Megan and Trevor Whiting said...

Janell I am so happy you are having another girl. I liked Byron's cord and zelda comments. He's such a stud! Hope you are feeling good and can't wait to see you in a couple of weeks. We have to come up there to take Hypnobirthing with Brando and Chels. Very excited about your new addition. Love ya

Tonya Whiting said...

Congrats!! Byron is entertaining as always.
Love Ya,

Kristin said...

I didn't check any blogs all week--amazing, huh? I'm being well-rewarded for my effort tonight, though. This post had me ROFL. Love you!