Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The News!

So I've started receiving a few emails and facebook messages of concerned folks wondering what has happened to me? Sorry for the extended absence! I'm doing very well, and as you saw above so is the baby! Now to update you here is what you missed!

The Wednesday after Thanksgiving Dr. Roberts office called. I had done lab work the week before and my results had come in. They had me come down to the office that day! Never a great sign. One of the things they tested for was Factor V Leiden, a clotting issue that my Grandma Bev discovered she had last year. They informed her that it was hereditary and can cause problems with pregnancy so all her daughters and granddaughters should get tested. Well I'm positive for it. Because you already clot more when you are pregnant (to help with the not bleeding to death during childbirth), having factor v just compounds the clotting and can cause me to throw a clot or cause a clot to form in the placenta or umbilical cord, resulting in miscarriage. The solution to this is to do heparin (a blood thinner) injections twice a day. I've gotten to the point where I prefer to give them to myself, although Steve is always willing when I need him to. The injections are given in an insulin syringe with a very tiny needle. In the moments, at the beginning ,when I felt bad for myself I just thought of my dear friend who has diabetes and the fact that he gives himself 6+ shots a day! Two--piece of cake!
The rest of the time between then and now looked something like this:
1 week researching Factor V Leiden
1 week spent finding out that my insurance wouldn't cover enough of the Lovenox (the better, newer option to heparin) for me to use it, then research heparin (because of a recall of contaminated heparin from China), finally to fill my prescription at one of the two pharmacies in town who still had it!
1 week to help help install and paint baseboards! They are gorgeous, my brother-in-law Todd is my current BFF!
Shop for Christmas and get ready to have Steve's parents visit us!

Taryn and Grandma!

Taryn and grandpa!
Christmas festivities!
New Year's Festivities!
1-2 weeks to recover from said festivities!
Do more clotting blood work--aka thrombophilia panel (they took 34 little vials of blood!!)
1 weekend to recover from said blood work!
1 week to catch up on reading all my favorite blogs!
(Is that the right amount of weeks yet?)
1 week to vacuum/mop my floor! (Just in case I need another week, and sadly it's true, although I think I get other stuff done too! I'm just happy to clean my own floor, thanks to the amazing vacuum mop my mom helped me locate, so I can clean the floor and still follow doctor's orders to 'not over-do it!') Does it take anyone else 1 week to clean their floor?

Now I'm finally posting again! And it is good to be back. Maybe, just maybe this trend can hold up and I'll even post some pictures! Who knows!

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