Thursday, April 9, 2009

Dear Blog,

Again I apologize for the lack of sharing. I have been galavanting around the countryside in the past few weeks. First Texas, and now I'm in Utah. We have been visiting Steve's brother Curt and his wife Emma, also his Grandma Aleen and his Aunt and Uncle. We have also been visiting two families of my Aunts and Uncles and cousins! I would just like to share that Byron asked me, "Mom, can we buy a farm like Severin's?" (They have chickens, ducks, a turkey and a horse on an acre of property! I'm sure he would like a couple of slides like Landon's to put on his farm too!)
The exciting news is the Steve is with us this trip! We have been having a good time, eating good food, hanging out with family and eating Neilsen's Custard in Bountiful! Yummy! I really do love to eat, I think that is probably obvious!
I really need to share that Karalee has posted our second auction to benefit our adorable bro-in-law, Robert Ashworth on her blog here! Please go and check it out! There are some really beautiful things on there! Some amazing people have generously shared their amazing talents! The auction will be open until next Wednesday!
Oh, and I am getting an enormous belly and growing very excited for this little girl's arrival! I'm really nesting too and hope she holds off until I get a couple of things done first!!!
I miss you adorable little blog, and hopefully I will actually follow up this post with real news and pics of our trip. I have a post started about Texas, does that help?
Well know that I miss and love you little blog, and I'm just so glad you are a blog, which is even better than a dog when it comes to unconditional love and patience. Thanks for waiting for me!


i said...

a dog is a man's best friend...well, a blog is a woman's then. my blog has stuck with me through it all!! if you are ever well and in town, let's get together. :)

Megan and Trevor Whiting said...

You are so funny. I love how you post. Tell Byron I had cousins that lived on a farm when I was young and I always wished I could have one too.

Salena said...

We need a prego pic!

Tammy Whiting said...

I just looked through your snapfish album of Shayla's baptism -- awesome pictures!! I added a huge album of our trip to Sea World, Sterling's farewell, Megan's Shower and Kherrington's birth. I love the pictures of your beautiful children. Thanks for sharing. I love and miss you, Tammy