Tuesday, March 31, 2009

How to control time!

So I think I may have figured out how to control time! Well at least slow it down a little! Have one of your children get so sick that they need you to sit around and hold them, watch movies, snuggle them, drug them, feed them, let the house fall apart around you, and remember that you have been wanting an excuse to not feel like Jo-jo this past week. 
Then just as your child has been diagnosed, medicated and is starting to feel better, get what she has and need to stay in bed for 2-3 days (at least as much as possible)! It will be the longest, slowest week of your life! Now in staying with my change of perspective I have tried very hard to enjoy motherhood, and not let the overwhelming amount of things I will have to do when I feel much better tomorrow get to me! I do well to remember that about 80% of the time! I have to say when I was feeling well myself it was nice to just snuggle on the couch, watch another Land Before Time and know that the house will get cleaned eventually (always does!) Being sick myself isn't nearly as much fun!
I've tried to appreciate the calm before the storm! And by storm I mean that the nesting need is kicking in! I have a query: why do we nest when we are in our third trimester and our energy is waning? I would really have like to nest in my second trimester when I still had some energy left! Such is life, and according to the little ticker I have 71 days to complete my tasks and projects before our little girl's arrival! So this is how you speed time up again! Working very hard and being very busy!
Then I will slow time again after the birth of this little girl, because that is what happens when caring for a newborn! I will enjoy just sitting and holding her, breast-feeding, napping and all the slower activities that come with a little one! The truth is I just know that time will take off with me again and fly ever faster! (Have you seen Taryn lately? She's huge and thinks she should do everything herself!) Yes time is a weird, strange little beast! I just hope all my little tricks keep working!

P.S. Now on to some posts I've been meaning to get to for awhile! Full of cute picture and funny stories! That is the only way I know to freeze time--take a picture and blog or journal about it! Then you can go back and enjoy that time, anytime!


Kristin said...

I wish my kids or I were sick today. That would be the perfect excuse to forego a Primary Mtg. and errands--neither of which I'm looking forward to this afternoon. I really want to sit around and just be with myself. I need to think and process. I'm sure you know what that's all about. Love you.

Farnsworth Family said...

Great update! I am glad Taryn is feeling better and glad you got to relax!

Steph said...

Man...I need to remember to enjoy being a mom more! I don't think I do that very much any more :(