Friday, March 20, 2009

The Perfect Pair

Do you remember the Bible Story of Mary and Martha? I've often thought about that story and wondered, who should I be? Christ says Mary chose the better part, but someone has to cook and clean at my house (and that is definitely the more time consuming part!)

Well at our Relief Society Birthday Dinner on Tuesday I had the opportunity to see this story through a different lens, a different light! Martha was doing a needful thing, and she was serving Christ. Someone did need to make a meal for Christ and those who were with him. Mary needed to visit with Christ, she needed to be fed with his word. Where Martha went wrong in this story was by judging Mary and assuming that she was doing the better thing and Mary should be doing it with her. When I heard this version I realized that Christ didn't say that Martha was choosing the worse part. She was still being of service to Christ!

Another story was told. There was an older woman who lived alone in a ward back east. She became house bound and was unable to care for herself independently. The ward decided to help her so she could continue to live on her own, with a little assistance. Two women were assigned to help her. They would take turns going into her home every other week to help with cooking and cleaning tasks and attend to this woman's social needs. One woman was a go-getter. Her week the house would be left spotless and 6-8 meals left in the fridge and freezer. The other woman was a social, heart person. Not much cleaning and cooking happened her weeks, but the older woman was filled emotionally and spiritually at the end of their visits. Unfortunately these two sisters didn't see the big picture and understand that they were the perfect pair to provide service to this older woman. They complemented each other beautifully and yet the judgement started that the other woman wasn't doing what I am, and of course I am doing the right thing. They ended up being pulled from the assignment because of their problems and progress halted on the Lord's errand they were on!

In essence isn't the first woman Martha and the second Mary? Doesn't this offer such a beautiful view of the story of Mary and Martha. They were each doing their perfect part! Which are you?

For me I know that a lot of my life I am Martha, I believe most mothers can relate to this. I also know that I have my days and moments when I am Mary. When I am Martha my house gets cleaned, laundry done, bills paid and dinner is on the table for my husband when he gets home. For some beautiful thoughts on how being Martha feeds the Savior read this. When I am Mary I feed my soul, I read, I visit with family and friends (in person and on the phone) and I strengthen my relationships with family, friends and my Savior. So you see I am the perfect pair! Especially when I see myself and my life that way!

So the moral of the story is: don't judge. Not even yourself! See what you're accomplishing for what it really is! Love others, love yourself! And that is how we will find Joy in the the Journey!


Steph said...

I loved that story at Enrichment! and the reminder about how it is not our place to judge another's service! What a great evening.

Kristin said...

Having known you ALL your life :), I can honestly say that you ARE the perfect pair. You're amazing! So glad you're my sis. I love you!

I really appreciated you sharing the perspectives you gained into Mary and Martha.

Junior was on my lap while I read this post, and first he saw your profile pic and got all excited, then he got even more enthusiastic and said "Taryn! Byron" when he saw their pics. He still remembers you! I'm SO grateful you came for that visit. It was awesome.

Kara said...

That was beautiful - thanks for sharing.