Thursday, March 5, 2009

Auction, Adventures & Airplanes!

First and foremost let me announce an online auction to benefit Robert Ashworth here. If you haven't been there yet, check out RobDob and Ashpant's story here. Karalee Garber, our dear sister is hosting the auction on her blog and I would like to acknowledge all her work putting it together! We are fundraising for Robert's ongoing medical care as he fights leukemia for the second time! Check it out, there are some cute hand made items available! We were planning to close the auction tomorrow night. We may keep it open a little longer to allow for more bids!

About those adventures we've been having in the Gratteau Family! Well this past week we have had the exciting opportunity to hang with these awesome people . . .

Eric, Alison and Lynne Crabb.

Lynne is Steve's sister and they flew out to visit us from Pulaski, Tennessee (which is about 45 min. south of Nashville). We had a lot of fun just hanging out with them and going to the park on Monday and Tuesday!

With the help of Taryn's sunglasses Byron turned Alison into a Rock Star! Both my children loved having Alison around. She was so cute, and so much fun!

Taryn would hug and kiss Alison until she cried or yelled. Then we knew she had been loved enough!

I thought this picture of Byron and Alison was so cute. He had so much fun showing her everything. He wanted to offer her every kind of food we ate too, but pretty soon he would say, "she can't eat this because she only has one tooth!" I can tell already that Byron and Taryn will really loving having a baby around in June.

On Wednesday we hung out at the zoo. The amazing 3 acre Las Vegas Zoo, definitely picking up on a little sarcasm here. There are two lions, a cougar, an alligator a chimpanzee, goats and lots and lots of chickens, pigeons and a few peacocks. I had heard Las Vegas had a zoo, but we had never been. It is not an amazing zoo, but it was a fun, cheap activity and all the kiddos had a blast feeding the birds.

Uncle Eric and Byron feeding the goats in the petting zoo.

Taryn and Byron feeding the peacock, chickens and pigeons!

While Alison eagerly looked on. I'm sure she was wishing she could join in the fun!

Thursday we went to the Shark Reef at the Mandalay Bay! It is a great aquarium. I think Byron enjoyed it the most!

He listened about every species on my wand and would then turn to me and give me the recap. Here I think he is telling me that, "starfish can grow to a trem-trem-tremendous size mom!" He was so excited and enthusiastic about everything.

And when your down on the strip you have to go to see the fountains at the Bellagio!

Our family in front of the Bellagio, waiting of the next water show to start!

Friday we took the Red Rocks loop for a fun drive and stopped to hike the Lost Springs trail. At this time of year they have a great little waterfall. It was really fun! A trip to Luv-It Custard that night rounded out our fun!

As for the airplanes! Well on Tuesday this week Byron, Taryn and I flew out to Houston, TX (where we are now)! We came out to visit the Bakers and celebrate Shayla's 8th birthday and baptism on Saturday. We are loving catching up with all our family!


Elyssa Jean said...

These pictures are so cute! I always love seeing how your little family is doing. Alison is so cute.

Also, your family is so cue. Love the pic in front of the Bellagio! Although Steve and Taryn both have a nasty case of red eye.

Thanks for this! LOVE YOU!

i said...

we went on the lost springs trail last week too! wasn't it great! glad to hear ya'll are happy!:)

Farnsworth Family said...

What a fun week!!! It is always great to see and visit with family, especially ones you don't get to see very often. Have a great trip!